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Rockdale Youth Center

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Available to youth ages 8-14

Physical Location: 57 Church Avenue, Northbridge MA 01534
Mailing Address: 60 Main Street, Whitinsville, MA 01588
Hours: Monday through Friday — 2:30-6:00 pm
There are exceptions to the hours of operation during certain holidays, half-days of school, and school cancellations.

The Rockdale Youth Center gives youth ages 8 -14 access to a structured after school program that focuses on homework and education first, is proven to improve grades, and promotes a safe and healthy social environment during the critical formative years.

All you need is the desire to be engaged in meaningful, exciting, and safe activities… with your friends!
Academic Support Gaming Systems: Play Station 2,
   Game Cube, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii
Nutritional Snacks & Cooking Classes
Table Games: pool, ping-pong, foosball, air hockey Board & Card Games
Computer and Internet Access Arts & Crafts
To participate in this free program, please complete the Youth Registration Form.
For more information, please contact Monique Boucher at 508.234.8184 x 121, or

"I come to the youth center everyday after school. This is our home away from home. This is where the kids too old for daycare, but not old enough to stay home alone, can come, have fun, get help with their homework, learn to do new things, and make new friends. We do this here without getting into trouble and we learn to respect each other and our community. Without the youth center, all of us would not have a place to go everyday, so we are grateful to have friends like the staff who work here, to help us all get along."
~ Nicholas, age 11 ~

Blackstone Valley Children's Place, Camp Whitin and Youth Outreach
programs are all affiliates of the Whitin Community Center.
  Monique Boucher, Director of Outreach
508.234.8184 x 121


Mailing Address: 60 Main Street, Whitinsville, MA 01588
Rockdale Youth Center: 57 Church Avenue, Northbridge MA 01534
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